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About 2 Star R

We are Brooke and Daniel Jordan. We make up the epic team of photographers for Super Plurry Photography. We've been actors, make up artists, singers, dancers, and photo chroniclers for the past 5 years as a married team. During a trip to Costa Rica, we were able to borrow a family member's Nikon DSLRs and photograph beautiful flora and fauna, we fell in love with photography. It was wonderful. There were monkeys and toucans and a sloth that moved slower than we could have ever anticipated. It was a magical time for us. The spark that ignited on that trip propelled us forward into starting Super Plurry Photography.

With our cameras and our hearts we hope to change the world. We believe happiness is for everyone and we want to be there when you experience it to snap a photo. Then the photo becomes more than a picture. It becomes a window to a moment in time and hopefully also a renewed sense of happiness.

Find a smile with us.